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Discover What Your Business is Worth.

Your business isn't just a venture; it's the bedrock of your financial assets, representing your hard work and dedication. But here's the reality check: your wealth's true value depends on its transferability. While you've built a thriving enterprise for your family today, its full potential remains untapped.

Shocking statistics reveal that a mere 17% of businesses have been valued in the last two years, with a staggering 80% never finding a buyer in the market. Your business is part of America's $10 trillion in privately held wealth, much of which remains locked in non-transferability.

In an Enterprise Value Assessment, we'll evaluate your business' position on the Value Maturity Index, providing insights into how potential acquirers would value it.


​Then, we'll conduct a personal, financial, and business readiness assessment, assessing your preparedness for the next phase of life.

You'll know your business' value on the market, and how ready you and your business are should you ever need or want to exit.

Don't leave it to be surprised. Seize control of your business's destiny with our Enterprise Value Assessment.  Secure your legacy and prepare for the next chapter of life.

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Accelerate Business Value and Unleash Its Full Potential

As a business owner, your journey began with a hunger for success and with unwavering focus. If you're a Baby Boomer, you're part of the most entrepreneurial generation in history, with one in three Boomers launching their own ventures. GenX'ers and Millennials follow suit, carving their own paths with distinct motivations.

Once you've completed an Enterprise Value Assessment, you may realize that you have overestimated your business' value; or, you may find you have amassed substantial wealth that remains largely untapped and locked within your business, which unless certain steps are taken, will remain illiquid. 

Value vs. Income — many owners have a business that affords an income. They errantly belief that income equals value. And when they go to sell, they find out their business is worthless! Only two out of every ten businesses that go to market ever sell; 80 percent will not.  

The Value Acceleration Methodology will transform your outlook—and your business—from lifestyle income to a valuable asset that can be sold outright, or harvested over time. We'll develop a prioritized plan to unlock capital in your business and accelerate its growth and your business value.


What steps need to be taken? After identifying the state of your intangible and tangible capital in your business, we'll develop a strategy to identify, protect, build, harvest, and manage the wealth in your business. Throughout the process, you'll see your sales multiple improve by a factor of 5! By the time we're done, you'll have a strategy to reap both income and value from your business.

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Unlock Your Business's Hidden Wealth: Secure Your Future


Shockingly, 75% of those who step away from their businesses regret their choice within a year due to a lack of post-exit plans. Many owners hope to pass their legacy on to family, but the statistics are not friendly: 30% of second-generation owners succeed, a mere 12% in the third, and a dwindling 4% in the fourth. The absence of a written strategy plagues 79% of business owners.


Having an exit strategy is just smart business. Don't defer planning. Embrace it as a cornerstone of your daily operations, aligning your personal, business, and financial aspirations. In this ever-changing landscape, unforeseen external factors, known as the "5D's" (death, divorce, disability, disaster, and disagreement), force 50% of business exits upon unwilling owners. However, you possess the power to redefine your destiny.

Prepare - Choose to accelerate your business's value. We'll guide you in identifying your personal and financial values, enhancing your business, mitigating risks, and planning your legacy. This includes personal, financial, and business preparedness.

Exit Planning - If you decide to exit, we assemble a team of experts to educate you on the transition process and align personal, financial, and business goals. As your Value Advisor, we're not merely preserving your business; we're propelling it to new heights.  


Your business is your life's masterpiece—let us help you elevate it.

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